Solutions for Global Executive and Managers

Non-Native English Speakers

We specialize in helping global executives and managers who are non-native speakers of English communicate convincingly and effectively in English so they can get the business results they need.

English may be your second, third or fourth language.  Whether you need to communicate with internal or external clients, you can learn to present your ideas in ways that secure your credibility and allow your audience to see your true value.

We promise to help you:

  • Gain the confidence to make polished business presentations in English
  • Understand the ways that your mother tongue style of communication may be sabotaging your ability to get your message across in English
  • Maintain your authenticity and communicate your true value to your audience

Native English Speakers

If English is your mother tongue, we can help you to improve your ability to make impactful, memorable presentations. Native English speakers can have many of the same issues as non-native English speakers, like lack of clarity, lack of impact and low memorability, but for different reasons.

It may also be that as a global professional, you need to make presentations to audiences of different cultures. We can help you understand how to modify your message and way of delivery when presenting to international audiences.

No matter who you are, we can work with you in two ways:

One-on-one Presentation Skills coaching

One-on-one coaching is designed for the professional who has a specific, important presentation to prepare or who needs the flexibility of a one-on-one coaching relationship. Following an in-depth needs assessment that includes recording a base-line video, we will identify your key issues and set goals that ensure that you improve on these parameters.

The sessions are tailored to your specific needs, both in number and content. In your personalized sessions, we will help you to prepare and refine your content, focusing on clarity and memorability of your message. Once the content is set, we will work on your delivery style. We will record you making your presentation several times and you will receive immediate, targeted feedback that will enable you to change specific behaviors. Together we will hone your message and fine-tune your delivery so that you make exactly the impression you need to make to get the outcome you need.

Small Group Presentation Skills Courses

Our six-week Presentation Skills course equips both native and non-native English-speaking professionals* to effectively communicate their ideas and expertise with confidence and impact. During a three-hour session each week, in a safe and encouraging environment, you’ll learn to create and deliver clear, focused presentations that resonate with your audience and get the business results you need.

*There are separate versions of this course for Non-native English speakers and Native English speakers.

After completing this course, you will:

  • Feel and appear confident when making presents in English
  • Deliver impactful, memorable presentations to stakeholders and clients
  • Be able to provide your true value to your team and clients

Please note that this is NOT an ESL course—it is a course on how to present effectively in English for global professionals who want to take their ability to present in English to the next level.

Whether you are an individual who would like more information about how to participate in a course, or an HR or L&D professional who sees a need for this kind of course in your company, schedule a 20 minute discovery call to get more information.

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